Adobe Podcast – Elevate Your Podcasts to Studio Quality


Are you tired of all the "umms" and "ahhs" in your podcast content? Now you can remove them with ease and create quality audio content with just a few clicks! Collaborate with team, add music and sound effects, and distribute your podcasts to all socials with Adobe Podcast!

What are the features of Adobe Podcast?


  • It’s a web-based platform: Create and edit your podcast from any computer!
  • It’s easy to collaborate with your teammates: Adobe Podcast lets you invite guests to collaborate on your podcast.
  • You can edit your audio with ease: It includes a powerful audio editor that lets you add music, sound effects, and other audio to your podcast.
  • It allows to track your podcast’s performance: Track your podcast’s performance and make improvements based on analytics.
  • Perform mic check: AI comprehends the characteristics of optimal microphone setups and offers guidance to achieve top-notch audio quality
  • Generate synthetic voices: Incorporate these voices into your podcast for narration, commentary, or interviews. Tailor the voices to your preferences by modifying pitch, speed, tone, and emotion.
  • Add royalty free music to your content: Add royalty-free music to your content and elevate its emotional impact, setting the perfect tone for your audience.

How to use Adobe Podcast?


For an Adobe Podcast AI creation, upload your audio files—record directly or import from your computer/cloud storage. The AI automatically transcribes your audio for editable scripts. Edit your audio via text, rearrange segments, and enhance with effects and music from the library.


Who is this tool for?


Adobe Podcast is for podcast creators, whether you are a beginner or experienced professional, looking to enhance the process of recording, editing, and enhancing podcast episodes.




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