Adobe Speech Enhance: Transform Your Audio into Studio-Quality Sound

Adobe Speech Enhance


Do your recordings need professional-quality editing? Make your audio sound like it's created in a studio with Adobe Speech Enhancer, a tool that eliminates unwanted noise and delivers studio-like crystal-clear sound.

What are the main features of Adobe Speech Enhancer?


  • Enhance noise reduction: Now you can eliminate distracting background noise and improve speech clarity!
  • Smooth all imperfections: ¬†Fan running in the background? Easily remove all unnecessary sounds.
  • Resolve audio problems: Easily rectify issues like clipping and distortion with powerful tools designed to deliver pristine audio results.
  • Harmonize audio levels: Maintain a natural balance among audio elements, ensuring a consistent and pleasing sound.
  • Get the most of Adobe CC integration: Integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud for efficient editing and audio file post-processing.
  • Enjoy hassle-free file format compatibility: This tool offers an extensive range of audio file formats, maximizing flexibility and convenience.




Is Adobe Speech Enhancer suitable for all skill levels?

The process of using Adobe Speech Enhancer is simple to use with just a few steps from start to finish. This tool is made for everyone wanting to make their own audio edits, without the need for professional studio, making it accessible for all skill levels.


Who is this tool for?

This tool is ideal for any podcaster, educator, ASMR or voiceover artist.


How to use Adobe Speech Enhancer?

Simply sign up to the Adobe Speech Enhance platform, upload your audio file where AI will automatically process it. After the enhancement, you’ll be able to review it and download the final product!

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