AI Photo Forge: Create AI Avatars from Your Pictures

AI Photo Forge


Struggling to find an effective way to generate avatars from your photos? As a Telegram bot utilizing AI technology, AI Photo Forge generates avatars based on the images you upload. However, it's essential to understand that AI is continuously evolving, so the results may not always be perfect and largely hinge on the quality of the pictures you submit to the bot.

What’s the process behind it?


AI Photo Forge operates as a Telegram bot leveraging AI to produce images. It begins by creating an AI model from the pictures you upload. Subsequently, it generates images based on the AI model and the style you specify. With over 30 categories available, the creative possibilities are extensive.



Is there a cost?


When you initially utilize the AI Telegram bot, you can generate a limited number of images for free. Afterward, purchasing credits is necessary to continue using the service.

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