AiGenda: Summarize Your Meetings with AI



Are you tired of juggling notes during online meetings? has the solution with its AI based platform that will make your meeting experience better. Say goodbye to the stress of taking detailed notes – this tool automatically generates comprehensive summaries alongside in-depth notes, capturing every essential detail from your discussions. With, you can focus fully on the meeting, save valuable time, and never miss a beat!

What are the main features of this tool?


  • Personalized Meeting Summaries: Enjoy detailed summaries of your meetings, effortlessly capturing key points and action items personalized just for you.


  • Live Note-Taking Support: Stay engaged during online meetings with real-time transcription and note-taking, ensuring every important detail is captured as it happens.


  • Your Comprehensive Meeting Companion: Access thorough, well-organized notes that can be easily reviewed and shared, providing you with a complete record of your discussions.


  • Your Meeting Hub Made Simple: Navigate and manage your meeting notes effortlessly with our user-friendly interface, designed to simplify your workflow.


  • Easy Integration with Your Tools: Connect seamlessly with your favorite video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams, ensuring a smooth experience every time.


  • Instantly Accessible Information: Easily find specific details using keywords and tags, allowing you to quickly locate the information you need.


  • Collaborate Easily: Work together with your team to edit and comment on meeting notes in real-time, fostering collaboration and productivity.


  • Your Data, Your Security: Rest assured knowing your information is safe and secure, with robust measures in place to protect your privacy.


  • Accessibility Tailored to You: Enhance accessibility with features like text-to-speech, ensuring everyone can review notes with ease.


  • Customize Your Experience: Tailor the formatting and storage of your notes to suit your preferences, creating a personalized experience that works for you.


Is Aigenda for me?


This tool is for everyone, from corporate teams to freelancers. It helps you focus on meetings instead of taking notes. Project managers can track progress easily, while educators, healthcare professionals, and others can capture detailed notes effortlessly. Whether you’re a student, consultant, or event planner, this tool simplifies your meeting and note-taking experience, making it perfect for anyone looking to boost productivity.

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