AIStoryBuilders: Write Long Form Content with AI



Writing a long form content but tired of reminding ChatGPT about the information you already fed with it? This software enables you to keep the consistency. It can autonomously progress your story or revise sections as per your guidance!

What are the main features and benefits of AIStoryBuilders?


  • It will manage your story: This software utilizes a unique database to organize your story into Timelines, Locations, Characters, and more. This structured approach helps the AI navigate the narrative effectively, handling complexities like flashbacks with ease.


  • It will help with inspiration and writing: This software automatically continues your story or rewrites parts based on your instructions, providing creative ideas and overcoming writer’s block.

Why should I choose this tool?


Opt for this tool because it allows you to build a special database with your story elements. Then, you can ask the program to create or change your writing, and it will provide relevant and clear content every time.

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