Ajelix: Improve Your Productivity



Finding yourself loosing a lot of time in the Excel & Google Sheet sheet world? Try Ajelix! It will help you work smarter by sorting and filtering for you, cleaning data, creating formulas, and the best part is that you can generate formula from text!    

What are the main features and benefits of Ajelix?


  • Excel Formula Bot: Now you can improve your productivity by writing formulas in Excel 10 times faster with the help of the Excel Formula Bot. Make your workflow better and save valuable time!


  • Easy Collaboration: You can experience easy collaboration with Ajelix’s feature-rich platform that allows you to save, share, and collaborate with others on formulas/scripts in Excel. Work together efficiently and achieve remarkable results.


  • Translate Files in a Snap: Simplify language barriers and easily translate Excel files with the power of Microsoft Excel AI Tools. Achieve accurate translations in just a few clicks and break through communication barriers.


  • Integrated Intelligence: Unleash the true potential of Excel AI Tools with our AI Excel add-in. Integrate powerful AI features into your Excel workflow, empowering you to accomplish complex tasks easily.


  • Tailor-Made Templates: Use your keywords to Customize Excel templates tailored to your specific needs. Our intelligent AI Tools can generate templates that align perfectly with your requirements.




Is there anything else to note about Ajelix?


At Ajelix, you’ll find a wealth of resources at your disposal, including guides, tutorials, and a comprehensive library of formulas and functions, all designed to enhance your experience with these tools. In summary, Ajelix AI Excel Assistant and Excel Formula Generator provide users with a diverse array of tools and services geared towards boosting productivity when using Excel and Google Sheets.

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