Albus AI for Chrome: Instantly Answer any Question on Slack

Albus AI for Chrome


A lot of employee questions to handle? Now you can take a breather and offload the task of answering to Albus. It can automatically answer anything that it's trained for from your Google Drive, and the best thing is that it keeps learning from previous interactions.

What are the main features of Albus AI for Chrome?


  • Answer any question from your employees instantly: Make your internal communication more efficient and reduce everyone’s workload.
  • Get analytics of all questions: The tool’s dashboard will give you all information on all information that was ever requested and an insight into how your team interacts with the chatbot.
  • Save time and increase productivity: There’s no doubt you and your team can save the valuable time on searching through information to get the answers. This can give more time for other tasks that can improve your team’s productivity.



What can I do with Albus?


Albus is the ideal solution for teams seeking for a better collaboration and instant access to information. With all the mentioned features that Albus offers, you can be sure that it will aggregate knowledge from diverse sources such as Google, Slack, Jira, Confluence, Notion, and more. Also, you can tailor Albus to align with your team’s specific requirements and keep tabs on usage and performance through comprehensive reporting and analytics.

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