Arbor: Summarize Any Online Content



Ever felt overwhelmed by the endless stream of online content? What if there was a tool designed to simplify your information consumption? Meet Arbor, your personal guide through the digital jungle. With Arbor, have all the articles on a topic neatly summarized for you, cutting through the noise and providing clear, informative insights.

What are the main features and benefits of Arbor?


  • Focus on Your Interests: Dive into a vast array of over 10,000 curated topics, ensuring you stay engaged with what matters most to you.


  • Access High-Quality Content: Enjoy access to a selection of high-quality, relevant sources handpicked to provide you with reliable information and insights.


  • Efficient Information Digestion: Quickly grasp the essence of various articles on a topic with the Aggregated Summary, saving you time and effort in your research.


  • Enhanced Perspective: Compare different viewpoints effortlessly using the 360 Summary, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of complex subjects.


  • Global Awareness: Keep up-to-date with events worldwide by accessing articles translated into English through Cross-Language Updates, ensuring you’re well-informed regardless of language barriers.



What can Arbor be used for?


Arbor empowers you with its versatile applications: swiftly grasp complex subjects to save time, discern truth from falsehood by comparing sources to fight misinformation, improve your productivity by gathering information efficiently for projects or decision-making, stay globally aware by keeping up-to-date with international news and trends, and personalize your feed to receive summaries tailored to your interests, ensuring a more enriching and relevant experience.

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