BacklinkGPT: Your Link Building Buddy

Stop Searching, Start Finding High Quality Backlinks


Would you like to enhance your website performance? BacklinkGPT is an AI-driven outreach platform that assists you in acquiring backlinks. The platform offers efficient campaign management, link prospecting, affordability, and support for teams of any size!

What are the main features and benefits of BacklinkGPT?


Efficient Campaign Management: You can now effortlessly organize and manage your backlink campaigns using this user-friendly platform. Keep track of your progress and acquired backlinks in a centralized location for easier campaign management.


One-Click Link Prospecting: Save your time and effort with this feature. Simply provide your link, and the platform, powered by the Ahrefs API, will identify the best target backlinks, making link prospecting a seamless one-click process.


Automated Contact Discovery: This platform automatically identifies the author, analyzes relevant interests and angles on their website, and retrieves their contact details from various sources like email, LinkedIn, and Twitter.



Who is it for?


BacklinkGPT is the ideal platform for digital marketers seeking to enhance their link-building strategy through the power of AI-driven personalization, streamlined campaign management, and intelligent link prospecting.

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