Biscuits: Automated Cookie Policy


Overview is an AI-driven tool that automates the process of generating cookie policies for websites. It accurately detects the required cookies and generates the policy accordingly. Additionally, it offers privacy policy and terms of service generation capabilities.

What are the main features and benefits Biscuits?


  • It does automated website scanning for you: The tool scans your website for third-party cookies and add them directly into the generated policy.
  • It offers conversational UI: A user-friendly interface asks simple questions about your website and data storage methods, simplifying the process.
  • It creates bespoke cookie policies: Each website is unique, and the generator creates a personalized cookie policy tailored to your site.
  • It has flexible download options: Download the generated policy in HTML, Markdown, or plain text, based on your preference.


So, why should I pick this tool?


This tool offers a host of benefits that make managing your website’s cookie policies a breeze. Firstly, its comprehensive scanning feature ensures that every third-party cookie is meticulously included in your policy, leaving no room for oversight. Beyond that, it’s a real time-saver, enabling you to create a fully compliant cookie policy instantly. This efficiency grants you the freedom to redirect your valuable time and energy towards more strategic endeavors, such as marketing and promoting your product.

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