Blend AI Studio: Remove Any Background from Images

Blend AI tool


Having a perfect product shot, but something unwanted is sticking out in the background? Try Blend AI Studio and erase it in seconds with the help of AI! Easily remove, erase, or edit backgrounds from photos automatically! It also serves as photo editor, graphic designer, and poster maker.

Access over 100,000 templates to craft high-quality product photographs effortlessly. Plus, Blend generates realistic AI backgrounds tailored for your products!


What are the main features and benefits of Blend AI Studio?


  • Easy Product Photo and Design Creation: Blend AI Studio enables online sellers and DTC brands to create professional product photos and designs with just two clicks.


  • Background Description and AI-Generated Designs: Users can upload product photos and describe background scenes to obtain AI-generated designs effortlessly.


  • Improved Conversion Rates: This tool has been proven to boost conversion rates of listings on Shopify Store by over 60%, enhancing the overall selling potential for users.



Who is it for?


Blend is an ideal versatile application if you are a digital creator, small business, online seller, ecommerce vendor or online resellers!

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