Blobr: Manage Your API Products



Are you looking for a personalized API portal solution? With Blobr, you can transform your APIs into products, manage access, and even monetize them. Tailor the content, track usage, and improve user onboarding by gaining valuable insights into real-time consumption.

What are the main features and benefits of Blobr?


Plugin Management: Blobr enables you streamlined creation and administration of ChatGPT plugins through diverse APIs, offering precise control over access, rights, and usage limits.


Usage Monitoring: You can closely track API usage, ensuring optimal resource allocation and efficiency. Detailed usage insights empower effective management of API calls.


Integration Enhancement: Blobr enriches integration with an enhanced OpenAPI file, ChatGPT manifest file, and logo customization, facilitating seamless incorporation of ChatGPT plugins into various applications.



What can I use Blobr for?


Blobr can be used to create a personalized API portal where you can showcase your APIs as products, control access to them, and even monetize them if desired. You can also use Blobr to filter content, monitor API usage, and enhance the onboarding experience for your users by providing real-time consumption insights. It’s a versatile tool for managing and optimizing your APIs and making them more accessible to your target audience.

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