Botsheet: Create Custom GPT Chatbot



Have you tried using Google Sheets as a no-code database for chatbots with Botsheets? It's a fantastic way to create and share personalized lead generation, support, and data analysis chatbots while keeping control over your data. The best part is that this platform automatically syncs AI with any changes you make to your spreadsheet data. Give it a go!

What are the main features and benefits of Botsheets?


  • Craft Personalized Chatbots: Create unique chatbots for lead generation, support, and data analysis.
  • Enjoy Automatic Syncing: Keep your chatbot data up-to-date with real-time syncing from Google Sheets.
  • Maintain Data Control: Decide what data to share with AI, ensuring your information stays secure.
  • Manage Data Flexibly: Effortlessly organize and handle all your chatbot data within Google Sheets.
  • Get Real-Time Updates: Automatically update chatbot responses as your spreadsheet data changes.
  • Customize Templates Easily: Use and personalize pre-built chatbot templates for various needs.
  • Experience a User-Friendly Interface: Enjoy a simple setup and management process with our intuitive interface.
  • Scale Your Solution: Expand your chatbot’s capabilities as your requirements grow.
  • Integrate with Chatbot Platform: Integrate Google Sheets with your chatbot platform.
  • Utilize a No-Code Database: Harness the power of Google Sheets as a no-code database for your chatbots.



What are the use cases of this tool?


This versatile platform offers so many exciting ways to create effective chatbots tailored to your needs. Imagine building chatbots that capture and qualify leads, or developing support bots that answer your customers’ common questions. You can use chatbots to get real-time data insights and reports, making data analysis a breeze. Need to handle event registrations and information? The event management chatbots have you covered. Collecting feedback and survey responses becomes seamless, and in e-commerce, you can assist your customers with product information and order tracking effortlessly. Provide students with quick access to educational resources, automate HR processes, and streamline recruitment efforts. Boost your marketing campaigns with interactive chatbots, and engage your community with fun and interactive experiences. Which use case excites you the most?

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