Cascadeur: Create Realistic Animations with AI

Cascadeur tool


Would you like to make your 3D keyframe animation process easier? With Cascadeur, you can benefit from AI-assisted tools for quick key pose creation, instant visual feedback of physical results, and easy adjustment of secondary motion.

What are the main features and benefits of Cascadeur?


  • Personalized Posing Assistance: You can craft lifelike and precise poses effortlessly with AI’s helping hand.
  • AutoPhysics Wizardry: You can infuse your animations with real-world physics through simple clicks.
  • 3D Space Journey: Take charge of your character’s movement in three-dimensional space with interactive trajectories.
  • Pose Comparison Insights: You can dive into your character’s motion by comparing various poses for enhanced understanding.
  • Efficiency Boosters: You can accelerate your animation workflow with tools like the Copy Tool, Tween Machine, and IK/FK Interpolation.
  • Curves at Your Fingertips: You can enjoy the freedom to fine-tune animation curves with the Graph Editor.
  • Realism from Reality: Import real-world video references to breathe life into your animations.



What can it be used for?


Cascadeur proves to be versatile, catering to a wide array of applications. Its utility extends across various domains, including video game character animation, feature film and short film animation, advertising and marketing animations, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences, and educational and training animations. This flexibility ensures that Cascadeur can effectively support creative endeavors and projects in diverse fields.

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