Castmagic: Turn Your Podcast Audio to Sharable Content

Podcast show notes & content in a click


Looking to simplify your podcast post-production? Castmagic has you covered. Why spend extra time and effort when you can effortlessly turn MP3s into polished content? From social content to transcription, show notes, and summaries, Castmagic automates the process, giving you more time to focus on what matters!

What are the main features of Castmagic:


  • Transcription: You can effortlessly convert episodes into written format with accurate and clean transcriptions for easy sharing and accessibility.
  • Show Notes: You can now generate detailed show notes with timestamps and topics, providing a clear overview of your episode’s content.
  • Social Content: You can create captivating social media content like tweet threads and LinkedIn posts to maximize your online presence.


How to use Castmagic?


Using Castmagic is straightforward and effective. You can start by uploading your audio file or sharing a YouTube link to the episode they’re focusing on. Next, choose the desired outputs like transcription, show notes, summaries, and social content. With selections in place, Castmagic promptly delivers the content, erasing the need for labor-intensive editing and post-production tasks. Check out this video for more step by step guide:



Who is Castmagic for?


Castmagic caters to podcasters, video streamers, and long-form content creators aiming to maximize the value of their material.

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