Character AI


Character.AI is a beta product that lets you create and interact with AI characters. These characters can be made up or inspired by real people, living or deceased, and even inanimate objects.

Our special dialog agents use advanced technology, known as neural language models, to give you the feeling of having real conversations with these characters.


Here are some of the things you can do with


  • Create your own characters: allows you to create your own characters, both fictional and based on real people, dead or alive, or even inanimate objects. You can choose their appearance, personality, and abilities.


  • Talk to your characters: Once you’ve created your characters, you can talk to them. will generate realistic responses that are tailored to your character’s personality.


  • Brainstorm with your characters: can be used for brainstorming. You can ask your characters questions and get their feedback. This can be helpful for coming up with new ideas for stories, projects, or anything else you’re working on.


  • Learn a new language: can also be used to learn a new language. You can ask your characters questions in the language you’re learning and they will respond in that language. This can help you practice your speaking and listening skills.

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