Charlie: Your Personalized AI Journalism Companion


Curious about staying updated with the news that truly matters to you, without getting overwhelmed? Meet Charlie, your personalized AI journalism companion. Charlie helps you keep up with the latest updates that fit your interests while promoting a balanced, thoughtful approach to staying informed.

What are the main features and benefits of Charlie?


Here’s how Charlie can enhance your news experience:


  • Stay Informed Your Way: You can choose between quick updates or deep dives to get the news in the format that suits you best.
  • Personalized Just for You: You can enjoy news tailored to your interests, thanks to our AI-powered personalization.
  • Diverse News Sources: You can access stories from both major and niche media outlets for a well-rounded perspective.
  • Your Privacy Comes First: You can trust that Charlie prioritizes the security and privacy of your data above all else.



Who is it for?


Charlie is perfect for anyone wanting news that’s just right for them—customized to fit their interests and preferences. It’s also a great choice for those who want to strike a healthy balance with their media consumption, avoiding the overload of excessive news. With Charlie, you get the updates you care about, without the stress of sifting through endless streams of information.

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