ChatDOC – Interact with Your Documents



What is your relationship with PDF files? Do you spend much time searching through pages for relevant info? ChatDOC assists in the way you interact with PDF files by offering help to extract, locate, and summarize information from PDFs with unprecedented speed and accuracy.

What are the main features of ChatDOC?


  • Properly reference any work with citations: ChatDOC can provide citations for any information that it extracts from a PDF.
  • Add your whole team to multi-user support feature: ChatDOC can be used by multiple users simultaneously so everyone can collaborate on projects.
  • ChatDOC can be integrated with other applications: API integration is perfect for automating tasks and streamlining your workflow.



Chat Doc simplifies your information extraction process:


Start by uploading your document in various formats, such as PDF, CSV, or DOCX. Alternatively, input a URL for web content extraction. As your file or URL gets processed, Chat Doc’s AI goes to work. You can inquire about the content, and Chat Doc will provide accurate responses. Receive quick answers, summaries, or detailed explanations from your documents or web pages. Chat Doc’s user-friendly approach makes grasping complex information effortless.


Who is Chat Doc tool for?


This tool is ideal for students aiming for top marks, professionals seeking optimized workflows, and curious minds eager to expand their knowledge. Chat Doc is the perfect assistant for you.

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