ChatNode AI tool


Introducing ChatNode: An advanced AI chatbot builder powered by ChatGPT. Embed chat widgets on websites or deploy public chatbots. Enjoy support for customized features, 95+ languages, data sources, and token counts.

Main Features and Benefits of ChatNode:


Custom ChatGPT Applications: ZBrain empowers users to swiftly create tailored ChatGPT applications using their private data, enhancing customer engagement and support.


Extensive Data Sources and Models: Access over 100 data sources and utilize top Large Language Models like GPT-4, GPT-NeoX, and FLAN. Fine-tune these models with proprietary enterprise data for optimized performance.


Reinforcement Learning and Secure Deployment: Improve responses through reinforcement learning from human feedback. Enjoy secure deployment options and seamless integration as a prompt-response service, ensuring a smooth user experience.

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