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Cleora.AI is a machine learning tool designed for rapid and effortless generation of graph embeddings for large graphs. It efficiently embeds entities into n-dimensional spherical spaces using fast, stable, and iterative random projections, ensuring outstanding performance and scalability.

What are the main features and benefits of Cleora AI?


The main features of Cleora.AI include:


  • Efficiency: It offers efficient production of graph embeddings for large graphs.
  • Inductivity: Cleora provides inductive entity embeddings for heterogeneous relational data, allowing for versatile applications.
  • Cross-dataset Compositionality: The tool supports the composition of embeddings across different datasets, enhancing its flexibility.
  • Stability: Cleora’s embeddings are stable and reliable, ensuring consistent performance.
  • Extreme Parallelism and Performance: It leverages extreme parallelism for fast and high-performance embedding generation.



It is used in AI projects for major companies and offers a PRO version for enterprise use, which provides automatic scaling, ease of use, performance optimizations, and the latest research. Cleora Open Source is also available on GitHub and is used by industry leaders. The tool is designed to predict the existence of edges in a graph and offers fast embedding times. It is particularly useful for tasks such as lifetime value modeling and churn prediction. The tool is available for private beta testing.

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