Cmd J – ChatGPT for Chrome

Cmd J


Boost productivity with our Chrome extension for ChatGPT. Access ChatGPT instantly on any tab, eliminating the need for copy-pasting. Enhance writing, create blog posts, and tackle coding challenges effortlessly using convenient keyboard shortcuts.

Main Features and Benefits of Cmd J:


  • Native Email Writing: Boost confidence in your writing with accurate grammar, spelling, and style.
  • Code Bug Fixes: Resolve coding issues 10x faster. Utilize Cmd + J for quick code explanations and answers beyond StackOverflow.
  • Draft Assistance: Overcome creative blocks by generating post drafts for social media or blogs. Start with a draft using Cmd/Alt + J.
  • Instant Google Answers: Receive human-like answers directly from Google search results without the need to sift through pages.

Alternative AI Tools for Cmd J – ChatGPT for Chrome

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