The modern coding superpower


Experience the power of Codeium, a user-friendly programming tool that helps developers navigate unfamiliar languages effortlessly. With its natural language interface and seamless API integration, Codeium simplifies coding by eliminating boilerplate code.

Say goodbye to tedious tasks and enhance your workflow with Codeium’s intuitive features. Compatible with Python, JavaScript, CSS, Regex, and Java, it’s the perfect companion for programmers.


Main Features and Benefits of Codeium:


AI-Powered Developer’s Toolbox: Built with in-house models and infrastructure, Codeium goes beyond API wrappers. Enjoy seamless integration in all your favorite IDEs. Experience lightning-fast Autocomplete and Search, with more enhancements on the horizon.


Tailored IDEs And Languages: By harnessing AI’s capabilities, Codeium boasts trained models in 70+ popular languages and seamless integration with 40+ editors. Expect continuous updates with additional languages and integrations.


Enhanced AI Autocomplete: Effortlessly surpass expectations with Codeium’s generative code, enabling lightning-fast autocomplete suggestions. Save time, ship products quicker, and unlock your true potential.


Smart Search: No more cumbersome regex searches! Codeium AI-powered search effortlessly locates files and code relevant to your needs, making your search experience seamless and efficient.


Empowering AI Chat: Tap into the knowledge of Codeium Chat for comprehensive assistance. Generate boilerplate code, refactor efficiently, add documentation, explain complex code, receive bug fix suggestions, and much more.

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