Content At Scale: Generate Human-like AI Content

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Content at Scale is an AI-driven content automation platform, empowering website owners, publishers and marketers like you to scale your content marketing. It surpasses AI content detection and other key features include AI-generated drafts, plagiarism checker and WordPress plugins.

What are the main features and benefits of Content At Scale?


  • Create blog posts with AI:¬†AI analyzes top-ranking content for your target keywords and creates fresh, high-quality blog posts modeled after them.
  • Integrate with other platforms: Easily sync your AI-generated content to WordPress and Shopify websites using dedicated plugins.
  • Versatile content sources: Transform keywords, podcasts, YouTube videos, existing URLs, and more into well-structured, optimized blog posts without the need for manual writing or editing.
  • Detecting AI text: With this user friendly and time saving feature you can add any text into the search box and quickly check if the text is human or AI generated.
  • Free scanning of your text: Save your money on all the quality features as they’re free and bonus – you don’t need to register an account to use it!




How to use this tool?


To use AI detection tool, simply paste your text in the box, click “Check for AI Content,” and witness your human content score on a scale of 0-100%. Note the 2,500 character limit, necessitating section-wise checks if the content exceeds it. Beyond this, to use the robust content generation tool, simply upload 100 keywords in your niche, and watch as it generates 100 high-quality, targeted blog or website articles.

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