Continue: Your Autopilot for Software Development

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Imagine having a personal autopilot for software development that's open-source and seamlessly integrates with your Visual Studio Code (VS Code). Meet Continue—it's not just any extension, but your powerful ally within VS Code.

Continue brings the magic of ChatGPT, an AI text generation model, directly to your IDE.


What are the main features and benefits of Continue?


Coding Query Assistance: You can easily address coding queries by highlighting code sections and asking specific development questions like setting up schemas, backend communication, or inter-frame interactions.


Natural Language Editing: You can effortlessly refactor code sections using natural language instructions. Command Continue to edit, migrate, change, or rewrite functions and components.


File Generation: You can initiate new coding endeavors by requesting Continue to create Python scripts, React components, or other files from scratch. Streamline development with tailored coding prompts.



How to use Continue?


Using Continue is straightforward. Begin by downloading and installing the VS Code extension from the GitHub repository. Once it’s set up, you can tap into its array of capabilities. You have the option to select sections of code and request Continue for auto-completion, code generation, refactoring, or explanations. Furthermore, you can seamlessly edit code in plain language by instructing Continue to execute refactoring tasks or create new code. Additionally, Continue excels at generating files from scratch, effortlessly producing Python scripts, React components, and more.

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