Crito Design: Automate Your UI/UX Design Process

Crito AI tool


Crito is an AI tool that helps you with automatization of your UI/UX design process. Wondering how? With features such as contextual UX writing, Figma plugin, heat mapping, and design-to-code generator, you can experience improved user interactions and digital products!

What are the main features and benefits of Crito Design?


  • You can talk to your documentation: Access and interact with documentation using our intuitive Chatbot interface.
  • Experience AI-powered design: Instantly generate stunning designs based on your prompts or design systems.
  • Heat mapping insights: Enhance design performance with AI-driven heat mapping analysis for optimal user experiences.
  • Integration with other apps: You can improve applications through Crito’s powerful API integration for improved connections.
  • Design-to-code efficiency: Crito allows you to transform designs into functional code with Framer’s design-to-code conversion, bringing products to life quickly.



Save valuable time with Crito


Essentially, Crito acts as a comprehensive solution, utilizing AI technology to optimize design processes for businesses. Its array of features efficiently manages crucial design elements, enabling companies to dedicate more time to crafting inventive and distinctive designs. With Crito’s pre-built design system, your business can enhance user experiences for digital products and expedite design workflows.

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