Dealwise: AI Powered M&A Advisor for Your Startup



Looking for a buyer for your startup in the $1M-$10M revenue range? Meet Dealwise! It's an AI-powered M&A advisor tailored for startups like yours. Forget long waits and rigid contracts - this platform prioritize speed, confidentiality, and flexibility. Their superb algorithms connect you with the perfect buyers for a smooth transaction. Ready to sell?

What are the main features and benefits of Dealwise?


  • Your Perfect Match: It’s AI algorithms work for you to find the ideal buyer that aligns with your startup’s vision and goals!


  • Effortless Transactions: You can say goodbye to waiting around – Dealwise cut the time it takes to find suitable offers in half compared to traditional methods.


  • Your Secrets Safe: Keep your discussions confidential as it ensures that all negotiations are conducted discreetly, protecting your sensitive business information.


  • Freedom to Choose: No more feeling tied down by long-term contracts. Dealwise offers flexibility, empowering you to make the decisions that best suit your needs.


  • A World of Opportunity: Have access to a diverse network of strategic and financial buyers, opening up a wealth of possibilities for your startup.


  • Tailored Solutions: Every deal is unique. Platform’s AI helps create customized structures that fit both your and the buyer’s requirements perfectly.


  • Insights at Your Fingertips: Stay informed with real-time analytics, giving you a clear picture of your acquisition process as it unfolds.


  • Know Your Worth: Dealwise’s AI-driven valuations provide valuable insights into your startup’s market value, empowering you with knowledge.


  • Guidance Along the Way: Expert advisory services are here to support you at every step of your journey, ensuring you make informed decisions.


  • Simplicity is Key: Enjoy an experience with this user-friendly platform, designed to make navigating the M&A process with ease.



What is the process like?


In this process, Dealwise starts by helping you identify potential M&A targets while you upload your financial documents to the virtual data room. Together, you create a list of potential buyers, using the benefits of AI to expand the pool. Then, they directly connect you with strategic buyers and ensure financial ones are serious. Throughout negotiations, Dealwise guides you, pushing for quick decisions and maximizing outcomes, with ongoing support even after signing an offer, connecting you with legal and tax advisors, and remaining available for advice on Slack.

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