Distillery by FollowFox: Transform Your Ideas into AI Images



Have you ever wanted to elevate your creative projects? FollowFox is here to help with Distillery, an open-source AI image generator designed for professionals. You can go beyond basic image creation and have deep control to tailor AI-generated visuals to fit your exact needs. Plus, there's a free course available to teach you how to make the most of generative art.

What are the main features and benefits of Distillery by FollowFox?


You Can Get Started with a Free Course: Dive into generative art with FollowFox’s free online course.
You Can Experiment with 10 Daily Free Generations: Explore the possibilities of AI art creation with ten free image generations each day.
You Can Create Professional-Grade Output: Produce high-quality, brand-consistent visuals perfect for professional use.
You Can Customize with Open-Source Flexibility: Adapt and modify the AI model to match your unique creative vision.
You Can Fine-Tune with Deep Control Parameters: Adjust various settings to achieve precise image generation.
You Can Learn with Extensive Documentation: Access comprehensive guides to master everything you need to know.
You Can Utilize Advanced Features: Take advantage of inpainting, mask generation, new models, IP adaptation, and more.
You Can Use the “Distill” Function: Create private LoRA models from single images quickly and easily.




What are the use cases of Distillery?


With FollowFox, you can easily create stunning visual assets for your marketing materials, presentations, and more. Keep your brand looking sharp and consistent with visuals that perfectly match your identity. Have fun exploring creative possibilities by experimenting with different styles and techniques to spark new ideas. Make your design process smoother by incorporating AI-generated elements, and get a head start on generative art with FollowFox’s free course. Use your daily free generations to play around and fine-tune your image creation skills. Discover advanced features like inpainting and IP adaptation for unique results, and even develop custom LoRA models based on your specific images. What amazing project will you bring to life with FollowFox?

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