Dubb: Convert Podcast Audio into Text

Market your podcast with Dubb


Would you like to save your time while maximising your podcast outreach? With Dubb you can! Generate marketing content from episodes with Dubb, your audio to text for podcasters. Produce engaging content such as show notes, social media posts, newsletters, and more.

What are the main features and benefits of Dubb?


  • It offers comprehensive content conversion for you: Dubb converts podcast episodes into engaging content for all platforms and purposes.


  • It has rapid turnaround for your convenience: Transform your podcast episodes into compelling content within hours, ensuring timely and efficient content creation.


  • It offers platform diversity for your audiences: Easily generate content for various platforms, enabling you to reach and engage with diverse audiences across various channels.



How much is it?


Choose the plan that suits your podcasting ambitions:


The Creator plan offers ten hours of podcast audio transformed into captivating content each month. Opt for the Pro plan to leverage thirty hours of audio podcast content converted into personalized marketing materials. For enterprise-scale podcast needs, the Enterprise customizable plan delivers over a hundred hours of audio podcast content converted into engaging marketing resources, ensuring your unique requirements are met. Check out all prices here.

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