Eilla AI: AI Assistant for M&A, VC and PE

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Eilla is an AI platform that powers the M&A, VC and PE deal workflow. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to mirror the way analysts and associates execute tasks. The system prioritises key trusted sources to assist with tasks such as creating company profiles, market mapping, buyer selection, competitive analysis and more.

What are the main features and benefits of Eilla AI?


  • Company & market research: Eilla mirrors the workflow of highest quality professionals in M&A, VC and PE to find accurate information on companies and markets.
  • Data aggregation: Analyse and filter information such as key clients, products, team, competitors etc.
  • Create reports & other documents: Summarizes and formats in a cohesive way.


Alternative AI Tools for Eilla AI: AI Assistant for M&A, VC and PE

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