Faircado: Find Pre-owned Items with AI



Are you ready to embrace sustainable shopping? Faircado is here to help! Our platform offers a vast selection of pre-owned products, transforming e-commerce with eco-friendly and cost-effective options. By choosing Faircado, you can reduce waste, support the circular economy, and make a positive impact on the environment. Ready to shop smarter and greener?

What are the main features and benefits of Faircado?


  • Discover a Vast Selection: You can access over 10 million products, including electronics, books, fashion, and more.
  • Shop Sustainably: Focus on sustainable consumption by choosing second-hand and refurbished items.
  • Enjoy Big Savings: Enjoy significant discounts, with an average of 60% off on pre-owned items.
  • Integrate with Ease: Effortlessly add Faircado to your computer, enhancing your online shopping experience.
  • Find the Best Deals: Let Faircado automatically find the best pre-owned, second-hand, or refurbished alternatives for you.
  • Support Sustainability: Help promote a shift towards a more sustainable, circular economy.
  • Save Time and Money: Save both time and money while making eco-friendly choices.
  • Explore Diverse Options:¬†Benefit from our collaborations with over 55 partners, offering you a diverse range of products.
  • Shop with Ease: Enjoy a design that makes sustainable shopping easy and accessible for you.
  • Make a Difference:¬†Join us in changing consumer behavior towards more sustainable choices in e-commerce.


Who is it for?


Faircado is perfect for eco-conscious shoppers, budget-savvy consumers, and anyone looking to make a positive impact on the environment. Busy professionals can save time and money by effortlessly finding the best deals on pre-owned items. Students and young adults benefit from significant cost savings on high-quality, refurbished products. Fashion enthusiasts can maintain their style sustainably, while tech lovers can find great deals on electronics. Faircado is also ideal for families looking to reduce waste and support the circular economy. By promoting sustainable shopping habits, Faircado aims to change consumer behavior towards more eco-friendly choices in e-commerce. Ready to join the movement?

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