FigGPT: Improve your Copywriting Workflow and Productivity

FigGPT AI tool


Looking to improve your copywriting workflow and productivity? With FigGPT, you can seamlessly integrate ChatGPT into Figma & FigJam, making content creation a breeze. Need a summary or style change? Just a single click away.

Plus, you can supercharge your Figma workflows with pre-built components and sample data.


What are the main features and benefits of FigGPT?


FigGPT provides a range of features, including summarization, style changes, idea generation, content composition, and the addition of sample data to components.


  • Speedy actions: You can now instantly adjust style, length, and formatting.
  • Personalized actions: You can craft personalized quick actions using custom prompts.
  • Multiple languages: You can respond in 40+ languages for global versatility.
  • Bulk editing: Effortlessly manage bulk editing by simultaneously editing multiple text layers.



Who is it for?


Whether you’re a designer aiming to enhance your workflow and boost productivity in Figma, a copywriter in search of an efficient way to craft and edit text in design projects, a collaborative team harnessing AI-powered features in FigGPT, a designer in need of creative inspiration, or simply someone curious about the potential of AI technology in design, FigGPT has something to offer for you.

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