Flatfile: Your Data Exchange Platform



API-first Flatfile Data Exchange Platform empowers developers to create entirely adaptable workflows catering to various file-based import scenarios, all while ensuring a seamless and user-friendly import experience for end users. Experience the wonders of Flatfile and begin your journey today!

What are the main features and benefits of Flatfile?


  • Seamless Data Import: API-first, event-driven solution for flexible data file imports (CSV, Excel, etc.).
  • Customizable Workflows: Fully adaptable processes for handling any import use case.
  • User-Friendly Experience: Intuitive end-user interface. Get started for free!



Who can use this platform?


Designed for an easy and secure data onboarding experience, this platform is tailored to cater to various roles within your organization, such as the sales team, customer success team, and product team. It eliminates the need for data experts, allowing data owners to utilize its comprehensive features.


In essence, the platform is structured to be set up once by companies, allowing teams and departments within the organization to utilize it for importing data according to their specific needs. Check out all the magic of Flatfile, by signing up for free or use some of the Professional or Enterprise pricing options.

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