Flot.ai: Have AI by Your Side Everywhere Online



Imagine having ChatGPT by your side wherever you type or select text, without the need to copy-paste. With a single click, you can ask AI to write, improve, paraphrase, summarize, translate, explain, or reply to any text. Ready to make your typing smoother and more efficient?

What are the main features and benefits of Flot.ai?


  • Your Personal AI Text Companion: Ready to assist you wherever you type or select text, across all websites and desktop apps.
  • AI Copilot Activated by Text Highlighting:
  • Text Selection Activation: Just highlight text to enable Flot.ai.
    Contextual Understanding: Get explanations, translations, or summaries instantly.
    Advanced Editing Tools: Improve grammar, syntax, and word choices.
    Tone Adjustment: Adjust text tone to fit your style.
    ChatGPT & GPT-4 Integration: Enjoy advanced language processing for better communication.
  • 1,000+ AI Prompt Templates: Use a vast library of templates for writing and editing, especially for professional needs.
  • AI Chatbot: Engage with real-time, intelligent, and interactive responses effortlessly.


How can it be used and who can benefit from it?


Flot.ai caters to a wide range of users. As a content creator, you can enhance your projects with our extensive prompt templates. If you’re a student or educator, the AI Copilot helps you grasp complex materials and refine your writing skills. Professionals will find Flot.ai invaluable for translating business communications and adjusting text tones. For everyday users, it makes tasks like email writing or language learning a breeze. How will you use Flot.ai to make your life easier?

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