Genei: Chrome Extension for Your Writing Tasks

Genei AI tool


Ever wished you had a personal AI assistant for your writing and research tasks? Genei is here to help. It's the browser extension that extracts vital data from web pages and PDFs, storing it in your Genei account. Improve your research with AI summarization and semantic search!

What are the main features and benefits of Genei?


AI-driven Summarization: Genei utilizes advanced AI technology to analyze and summarize background reading, condensing lengthy content into key takeaways. This feature enables you to quickly grasp the essence of articles, research papers, and reports without the need to read every word.


Semantic and Question-based Search: Uncover specific information effortlessly using Genei’s semantic and question-based search. This intelligent search capability allows you to pinpoint relevant details within your stored documents, saving you time and effort when conducting research.


Cloud Storage and Document Editing: Genei offers secure cloud storage to house all your extracted and summarized information. This ensures that your research materials are easily accessible from anywhere. Additionally, you can edit and organize your documents directly within Genei, streamlining your workflow and keeping your research organized.



What can I use Genei for?


For content production: Genei is your productivity booster, cutting down research and content creation time. Whether it’s a blog post, podcast, video script, or any content needing online research and structure, Genei has your back!


For academic research: Genei is your go-to for boosting productivity and trimming the hours spent on research and crafting top-notch academic content. Join our diverse community of academics, researchers, and students across various fields. You can apply it in many areas, including medicine, STEM, politics, history, economics, or more!


For professional writers: Genei is your personal productivity booster, designed to cut down research and writing time while enhancing quality. Whether you’re crafting news articles, blog posts, in-depth reads, or even books, Genei is your partner for accelerating your work while maintaining excellence.

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