Genmo: Immersive Generative Art Tool

Genmo AI tool


Break free from the confines of 2D images and explore possibilities of video generation, 3D scenes, animations, vector design assets, and more. How? Try Genmo, a platform that empowers artists to create and share captivating interactive generative art.

What are the features of Genmo?


  • Create expressive 3D content: Now you can craft 3D graphics and 360-degree videos easily by using natural language commands.
  • Collaborative with AI: Blend AI and human involvement for images, videos, and 3D models creation.
  • Automate video transitions: With Genmo, you can use plot-aligned editing to match your own storyline.
  • Create icons: Generate app icons based on user feedback, making the design process a simple task.
  • Effortless enhancements: Edit existing visuals with ease through natural language instructions.




Do I need design skills to use this tool?


Genmo is beginner friendly! Generate polished images, videos, and 3D models collaboratively to improve marketing campaigns, presentations, and product showcases, without requiring extensive design skills.


Where to apply 360-degree videos?


To involve viewers in interactive narratives, encourage immersive storytelling with 3D meshes. It’s perfect for gaming world, virtual tours of your business, or educational experiences. It’s also a useful tool for influencers, YouTubers and any other social media content creators.


How can I start using Genmo?


By entering a prompt in the text bar and clicking the “Start Creating” button, you initiate the process of crafting videos or images. The platform further permits you to use images from text-to-image tools as input commands. Within Genmo’s extensive user community, assistance for resolving problems and reviewing platform-generated content is readily available, so you’re never alone in the Genmo world!



Handy Tip


You can utilize your valuable feedback to automatically generate app icons that resonate with your target audience, streamlining the visual branding of your applications.

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