Glasp: Your Note Taking Assistant

Glasp AI tool


Would you like a better web reading experience? You can have it with Glasp, a free Chrome Extension that allows you to collect and highlight quotes, easily integrate with note-taking apps, and share insights. It's ideal for writers and readers and you can easily discover and save articles from friends!

What are the main features of Glasp?


  • You can add your own annotations and highlights to YouTube videos
  • It offers you elevated web experience with vibrant text highlights
  • You can experience AI-powered summaries crafted from your annotations
  • You can take personal notes alongside your highlights
  • You can organize and link your highlighted content with tags
  • Enjoy the convenience of AI-driven article summaries
  • You can annotate and highlight your PDF files effortlessly

How to use Glasp?


To get started with Glasp, add it to Chrome, log in, then easily highlight text and tag, note, or summarize your highlights on your Glasp Profile Page. Share insights effortlessly via links or copy-paste.


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