GPT Stick: Your Content AI Assistant


The GPT Stick will empower you with AI-generated summaries, explanations, content creation, and other features seamlessly integrated into webpages. You can inquire, define terms, generate fresh content, and engage intelligently with web content!

GPT Stick Features:


  • Questioning from webpages: You can easily┬áinquire about highlighted text with a right-click, receiving tailored AI-generated answers promptly.
  • Webpage summarization: You can access clear and concise summaries of articles or web content, facilitating rapid absorption of key information.
  • Definitions and explanations: IYou can instantly grasp unfamiliar concepts on a page by highlighting them and requesting elucidation from the AI.
  • Content generation: You can utilize webpage data to create diverse content forms such as articles, stories, fostering creativity and productivity.
  • Universal compatibility: You can navigate across all types of websites, including news, blogs, YouTube, and social media, ensuring broad applicability.


GPT Stick


Who is it for?


GPT Stick is for you, whether you’re a student looking to grasp study materials with AI-generated explanations and summaries, a researcher seeking to digest academic papers quickly, or a blogger aiming to generate article drafts effortlessly. Marketers can rely on it for comprehensive web research, while shoppers can make informed purchase decisions by asking AI questions on product sites. Even casual readers like you can easily extract key insights from news and articles through succinct summaries, ensuring an enriching browsing experience tailored just for you!