Granola: Take Meeting Notes with AI



Have you tried Granola yet? It's an AI-powered notepad that transforms how you take and use meeting notes. By integrating your personal notes with intelligent transcription, Granola ensures every detail is captured, organized, and readily available.

What are the main features and benefits of Granola?


  • You can utilize AI-Powered Transcription: Automatically transcribe your meetings, capturing every word accurately.
  • It allows you to implement Smart Note-Taking: Combine your typed notes seamlessly with relevant information from the transcript.
  • You can keep your notes Organized & Searchable: Easily find specific details and key takeaways whenever you need them.
  • It enables automatic Summary Generation: Quickly create concise summaries of your meetings for efficient review.
  • You can track Action Items: Identify and monitor action items assigned during meetings to stay organized.
  • It integrates with your Calendar: Automatically link notes to your calendar events, keeping your schedule aligned.
  • You can synchronize with Cloud Storage: Access your notes securely from anywhere, on any device, ensuring seamless connectivity.



Granola covers a wide range of essential tasks across different needs


It helps you capture detailed meeting notes to ensure nothing is missed and track project updates and action items for effective project management. You can use it to document client discussions and follow-ups, promoting clear communication and accountability. Collaborate with your team by sharing and working together on notes, and keep all your personal notes and reminders organized in one accessible place. Granola also supports documenting ideas and action plans during brainstorming sessions, reviewing training materials and sessions for comprehensive learning, and taking detailed notes during conferences and seminars to capture key insights. Manage your tasks efficiently by creating and organizing to-do lists based on meeting notes, and effectively organize research findings and insights for research documentation. How could Granola meet your specific needs across these diverse scenarios?

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