Humantic AI: Personalize Your Online Interactions

Humantic AI tool


Through the Humantic AI Chrome extension, you an insights into your buyers habbits, that enable effective communication with every individual. It can provide precise predictions regarding decision-making speed, risk tolerance, champion potential, and the ability to decline. It's extremely useful tool if you're in sales.

What are the main features and benefits of Humantic AI?


  • Personalized Communication: You can tailor messages to unique personalities.
  • Buyer Insights: You can identify early adopters, predict decisions, and assess risk appetite.
  • Platforms Integration: It has native compatibility with LinkedIn, email, calendars, CRMs, and more!


How to use Humantic AI?



Authentic personalization


With the Personality AI Assistant, which combines Generative AI and Personality AI to , you can connect and build relationships in-depth with potential or existing buyers.


Is Humantic AI for me?


Humantic AI’s Personality AI Assistant is a game-changer if you’re part of sales team. It can provide you with valuable buyer insights and personalization tips, predicting key factors like decision speed and risk tolerance. Try it free for 7 days!

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