Humata – Transform Complex Technical Papers into Clear Summaries


Spending days reading through all the complex and technical papers can now be over! With Humata, an AI-powered search and question-answering platform, all relevant information can be extracted much easier and faster, helping you summarize lengthy academic papers.

How can Humata help me with my research?

Humata is a powerful tool that can help you save time, improve your productivity, and make better decisions. Summarize long papers, create instant Q&A, and enjoy speedy content creation.


What are the main features of Humata?


  • Find all file information easily: With AI-powered search, understand your questions and find the relevant information in your files.
  • Ask questions in plain English: Humata has natural language processing so it understands natural language.
  • Humata learns from your questions: This tool has powerful machine learning and provides more relevant answers over time.
  • Uses semantic search: Humata understands the context of your questions and provides more relevant answers.
  • Made for all skill levels:┬áHumata is easy to use. Just upload your files and start asking questions.


How to use Humata?



Who is Humata for?


The tool is made for students, researchers, or business professionals. Make your life easier with acceleration of insight discovery by 100 times.

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