INKblot™ Analyzer for Chrome



Discover, Match, and Secure Your Dream Job with Squidbot™! Boost your job search with AI-powered analytics, personalized search tailored to your resume, and instant job match percentages. Simplify your job hunt today.

What are the main features and benefits of INKblot™ Analyzer for Chrome?


AI-Powered Analytics: Squidbot™ utilizes advanced technology to uncover patterns and relationships in job-seeking data, helping you beat keyword checks and navigate Applicant Tracking Systems more effectively.


Personalized Search: Enjoy faster searches on top job sites, aligned with your resume. Click your preferred icon and explore relevant job openings tailored to your position.


Job Match Percentages: Visualize job compatibility at a glance. Scroll through listings, and the match percentage icon appears upon clicking, saving you time by quickly identifying potential fits.

Alternative AI Tools for INKblot™ Analyzer for Chrome

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