Keyword Insights – Boost Your SEO

Accelerate Your Content Marketing With Data & AI


Looking to boost your SEO efforts? Ever wished you could effortlessly come up with thousands of keyword ideas, group them neatly, and use AI to create or improve content? With Keyword Insights, you can save time and enhance your SEO game without needing any special skills!

What are the main features of Keyword Insights?


It can optimize keywords for you: Generating a plethora of relevant ideas to rev up your content strategy.

It can organize keywords into clusters: Adding a touch of elegance to your content strategy’s structure.

It can conjure detailed content briefs using AI: Guaranteeing your content resonates perfectly with your audience.

It can help you spot gaps in your content strategy: Opening doors to new topics and keywords.

It can sprinkle SEO magic on your content:  Resulting in converting true search intent and revealing hidden opportunities for internal links. Ready for an enchanting upgrade?



How to use Keyword Insights?


To get started with Keyword Insights, visit the tool’s homepage and create a free account. Upon account creation, you’ll receive 400 free credits for your initial exploration. After entering your company details, email, site address, and password, proceed by clicking “Next.” The subsequent steps involve uploading your keyword list from the app’s ‘Discovery’ feature or importing it from the console into Keyword Insights. Customize your search options, submit your order, and it’s advisable to run all three scans, maximizing keyword acquisition. Upon submission, a keyword report will be generated, requiring a bit of time to be ready.

Alternative AI Tools for Keyword Insights – Boost Your SEO

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