LangAI: Learn New Language with AI



Have you tried Langai? It's an AI based language learning app that offers a natural and immersive way to master new languages. Langai simulates real-life scenarios and provides adaptive conversations tailored to your skill level, making language learning both accessible and engaging. Available on both iOS and Android, Langai supports over 90 languages, making it one of the most versatile language learning tools out there4

What are the main features and benefits of LangAI?


  • You can Immerse in Everyday Scenarios: Practice practical language skills through real-life situations like ordering coffee or asking for directions.
  • You can Enjoy Personalized Conversations: Engage in adaptive conversations that match your language proficiency level, ensuring a tailored learning experience.
  • You can Receive Instant Language Feedback: Get real-time corrections and feedback on your language use, refining your grammar and vocabulary effortlessly.
  • You can Explore an Extensive Language Selection: Dive into a diverse range of over 90 languages to meet your unique linguistic interests and goals.
  • You can Enhance Pronunciation: Perfect your pronunciation and listening skills with cutting-edge speech recognition technology.
  • You can Track Your Learning Progress: Stay motivated with detailed analytics and personalized feedback to monitor your language learning journey.
  • You can Engage with Interactive Learning Exercises: Deepen your learning through interactive exercises encompassing writing, speaking, and listening activities.
  • You can Discover Cultural Insights: Gain deeper cultural insights related to the language you’re learning, enriching your understanding and appreciation.
  • You can Enjoy a Seamless Learning Experience: Access Langai effortlessly across iOS and Android devices for convenient learning on the go.
  • You can Connect with a Community of Learners: Join a vibrant community to practice together and enhance your language skills collaboratively.



What are the use cases of this tool?


Langai serves a wide spectrum of users: travelers prepare for trips with essential phrases, students supplement studies with practical conversational practice, professionals improve international communication, expatriates adapt through immersive scenarios, hobbyists explore new languages, educators enhance curriculums, customer service reps refine skills, writers/researchers access international sources, tour guides enrich tourist interactions, and immigrants integrate through language learning.

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