Lettria AI tool


Experience the power of Lettria, a no-code AI platform for text that simplifies NLP project creation. From text labeling and cleaning to ontology management and NLP training, Lettria automates tasks, increases productivity, and accelerates project deployment.

Main Features and Benefits of Lettria:


  • No-Code AI Platform: Lettria offers a user-friendly, no-code platform for creating NLP projects without coding knowledge.
  • Text Labeling: Easily label and annotate text data to train and improve NLP models.
  • Text Cleaning: Cleanse and preprocess text data to enhance data quality and improve model performance.
  • Automation and Productivity: Lettria automates time-consuming tasks, increasing productivity and efficiency.
  • Versatility and Adaptability: Lettria is suitable for analysts, data engineers, and data scientists, providing flexibility for various project requirements.

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