Lexica: Power of AI in Art



Ever wished to fuel your creative team's imagination? Meet Lexica, the web app that ignites innovation and creative spark of your creative teams! It offers an access to an extensive database of AI-generated images along with their corresponding text prompts.

Main Features and Benefits of Lexica:


  • It has powerful Image AI capability: Its technology produces detailed images in various styles, including illustration, 3D rendering, and ink drawing.
  • It can simplified rendering process for you: Input desired text with provided prompts, while advanced settings remain easy to understand.
  • It offers adjustable dimensions: Conveniently adjust the image dimensions using a slider, providing a visual preview of the final result.
  • It support image variations: Users can create multiple versions of the same image for various purposes like social media, print, or the web.
  • It has user-friendly interface: Lexica Art offers an intuitive interface with a search function, clearly labeled settings, and options. It enables users of all skill levels to start creating beautiful images effortlessly.



Is this tool suitable for beginners?


Lexica is a beginner-friendly platform and suitable for all skills levels. Check out this video for step by step guide on how to use this tool, suitable for everyone!



Ignite Your Creative Vision


Its intuitive search box and handy Discord link simplify finding your perfect masterpiece. Immerse yourself in a visual feast using the sleek grid layout mode, effortlessly exploring hundreds of images on one page. Elevate your artistic vision with the adjustable slider, customizing image preview sizes. Dive into the limitless realm of AI-generated artistry, featuring 5 million images and the freedom to copy and remix text prompts.



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