Llanai: Master New Languages via WhatsApp



Looking to master multiple languages? Meet Llanai, your AI language partner on WhatsApp! With tailored lessons, conversational practice, and pronunciation support in Spanish, German, English, and French, Llanai transform your language learning journey within the comfort of your favorite chat app!

What are the main features of Llanai?


  • WhatsApp Integration: You can now immerse yourself in language learning directly from your phone, integrated into your daily chats.
  • AI Conversation Practice: You can enhance your fluency through engaging dialogues, making every conversation feel more natural and authentic!
  • Interactive Lessons: Immerse yourself in diverse topics with immersive language exchange, allowing you to learn about anything in a captivating way.
  • Performance Reports: Stay motivated as you track your progress with insightful summaries, tailored to your learning journey and achievements.
  • Personalized Learning Paths: Enjoy a customized learning experience with tailored plans based on your progress, making sure you reach your language goals efficiently and effectively!



What are the benefits of using this tool?


There are many! First of, the obvious one – you’ll be able to speak another language! It will help with your confidence by boosting your conversation skills, allowing you to engage more authentically with others, whether for professional of private purposes! You can even master the trickiest sounds and accents to ensure your pronunciation is impeccable, making every word you speak clear and understandable. With the flexibility to learn on your own schedule, integrate language learning into your busy life, empowering you to progress at your own pace. Experience the power of personalized learning, with a curriculum made specifically to your needs and goals, guiding you towards fluency!

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