Luna: Your ChatGPT Assistant for Chrome



Introducing Luna, Chrome extension that makes your ChatGPT experience better! It enables you to get into ChatGPT conversations with ease from anywhere within your browser. Begin chats instantly via the search bar or text highlights!

What are the main features and benefits of Luna?


  • Quick ChatGPT Conversations: You can initiate instant ChatGPT interactions directly from the search bar or by highlighting text on any webpage.
  • Convenient Keyboard Shortcut: You can easily access Luna and engage in conversations using a simple keyboard shortcut.
  • Highlight text on any webpage: Simply use right-click, and send it to ChatGPT. Contextual insights are just a click away.



How to enjoy versatile capabilities?


Luna allows you to initiate a ChatGPT interaction directly from your browser’s search bar, making your access to AI-powered assistance a simple process. Additionally, you can easily select and send any text from a website to ChatGPT with a simple right-click. Lastly, you can quickly open ChatGPT from anywhere by pressing CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + K, ensuring convenience and accessibility for your AI-powered needs.



How much is it?


Luna is completely free to use and the best thing is there no account required to use it! Try it out today and join 30k+ users worldwide.

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