MajorGen: Generate Job-Ready Resumes

Tired of Automated Job Rejection Emails? Outsmart job application robots and ATS with our AI resume and cover letter generator.


Fed up with spending hours on updating your CV for each job application? Introducing MajorGen, your AI helper for crafting compelling, job-ready resumes and cover letters. It helps you transform your CV and LinkedIn profile into a stunning resume in just a single click.

With MajorGen offers you five unique resume options to suit your style and preferences. Download your new resumes as sleek PDF or Word documents, ready to impress employers!


What are the main features and benefits of MajorGen?


It combines information from multiple sources: You can choose from multiple methods like LinkedIn import, starting from scratch, or uploading an existing resume. MajorGen offers you to craft a professional and personalized resume.


It offers several template options: You can discover exclusive resume templates recommended by leading HR professionals, ensuring your application stands out.


It creates customized descriptions for you: Utilizing advanced AI technology, MajorGen analyzes your experience, qualifications, and skills, crafting a personalized resume optimized for your target position.



Amplify Efficiency with MajorGen


MajorGen empowers you to make your job process easier, maximize productivity, and attain remarkable outcomes while minimizing the time and effort invested! No more hours spent on tweaking the same document, with MajorGen you experience a paradigm shift in job document management.


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