Manifest AI: AI-Powered Shopping Assistant for Ecommerce



Meet Manifest AI, your dedicated shopping companion designed exclusively for your Shopify store! Picture this: it understands every nuance of your shoppers' search queries and serves up precisely what they're looking for.  

From detailed product info to helping your customers find the perfect item, make comparisons, or answer store-related questions, Manifest AI transforms the pre-purchase experience into a breeze.


What are the main features and benefits of Manifest AI?


It offers expanded prompts: You can minimize customer drop-offs with comprehensive prompts.
It does buyer-centric product suggestions: It can recommend items based on customer queries.
It simplifies choices: Prevent choice overload with personalized recommendations.
It does tailored AI assistance: It offers prompts based on browsing behavior.
It has worldwide accessibility: It caters to a global audience with multilingual support.
It can be aligned with your brand: You can customize the shopping assistant to reflect your brand’s personality.
It has advanced language processing: You can leverage GPT-3.5 for enhanced natural language understanding.



Is this tool for me?


Whether you’re an eCommerce brand seeking to reduce customer drop-offs and increase conversions, an online retailer aiming to enhance the shopping experience and engage your customers, or a store manager wanting to personalize the shopping assistant for your unique brand, this tool is designed with you in mind. If your business targets multilingual audiences worldwide, you’ll find its multilingual support invaluable.

Plus, if you’re focused on simplifying the decision-making process for your buyers, you’ll appreciate its personalized recommendations and prompts tailored just for you.

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