ManyExcel: Generate Excel and Google Sheets Formulas



Looking to simplify your spreadsheet tasks? Explore ManyExcel, your personal AI assistant for effortlessly generating Excel and Google Sheets formulas, VBA & Apps Scripts, and Regex

What are the main features and benefits of ManyExcel?


  • Effortlessly Generate Formulas: You can quickly generate formulas for both Excel and Google Sheets, saving yourself time and effort on complex calculations.


  • Craft Custom Regex Patterns: Personalize your data manipulation by creating tailored regex patterns that suit your specific needs.


  • Develop Automation Scripts: You can build VBA scripts for Excel and Apps Scripts for Google Workspace, automating repetitive tasks to streamline your workflow effectively.


  • Gain Insights from Data: Analyze your data easily to uncover valuable insights that empower you to make informed decisions and strategic plans.


  • Visualize Data with Interactive Charts: Present your findings effectively by using interactive charts to visualize data, making complex information clear and accessible to your audience.


ManyExcel offers a host of benefits to streamline your spreadsheet tasks:


With ManyExcel, you’ll be able to quickly generate complex formulas without needing to master syntax, and receive clear explanations for existing formulas. Easily create regex patterns to efficiently manipulate text, and automate repetitive tasks effortlessly using VBA scripts. Gain valuable insights from your data through powerful analysis tools, and create interactive charts that visually represent your data, making it easier to understand and share insights. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, ManyExcel enhances your productivity and data management capabilities with intuitive features designed to simplify your workflow.

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